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Infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) and avian rinotracheitis (ART) - poultry

Surveillance in 2013 did not detect infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) in chicken nor avian rhinotracheitis (ART) in turkeys. 

The aim of the national surveillance and control programme for ILT in chickens and ART in turkeys is to document that the respective commercial poultry populations in Norway are free of these infections, and to contribute to the maintenance of this status.

The programmes were started in 1998.

ILT is a severe respiratory disease in chickens that is seen in commercial chickens in most parts of the world, including most European countries. However, ILT has not been diagnosed in commercial chicken flocks inNorwaysince 1971, although clinical outbreaks of ILT occur sporadically in Norwegian hobby flocks.

ART is a highly contagious infection which affects the upper respiratory passages of poultry. The disease is caused by avian pneumovirus (APV), and has been diagnosed in most European countries and sporadically in our neighbouring countries. the national surveillance and control programme for ART demonstrated the presence of antibodies against APV in one broiler breeder farm in 2003 and in one layer breeder farm in 2004. Since then, the programme for ART is entirely directed at the turkey population..