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Paratuberkulosis is a chronic enteritis in ruminants which is occationalley diagnozed in Norwegian livestock. Vaccination against the disease has been practised, but the last years, a disease eradication programme has reduced the number of infected herds.

National surveillance programme for infections with Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis which includes cattle, sheep, goats and camelids. The programme documents national status for the infection and warrants testing and isolation of imported animals.

Paratuberculosis was first diagnosed in cattle and goats in Norway in 1907 and 1934, respectively. Infection with M. a. paratuberculosis is a notifialble disease (group B) in Norway. Detection of the disease in cattle usually leads to slaughter of the whole herd. All goat herds known to be infected have either started or completed sanitazion procedures in the herd by January 2014.