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TSE (transmissible spongiform encefalopathies) in cattle and deer has never been found in Norway apart from an atypical BSE in cattle in 2015. Scrapie is occasionally found in sheep. 

To document that Norway is free from BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) and CWD (chronic wasting disease) in wild and captive cervids. In addition the program shall indicate the prevalence of scrapie in Norway.

BSE was diagnosed for the first time in England in 1986 and subsequently the disease was widespread in many European countries and also to other countries in the world. It is statutory in the EU legislation that all the member states have a surveillance program for this disease.

Scrapie is a disease known for a long time in Norway. There exists to forms of the disease – classical scrapie  and scrapie Nor98. Five to twelve cases of scrapie Nor98 are diagnosed every year, while classical scrapie has not been diagnosed since 2009.

Before the prion diseases were discovered, CWD was described as a clinical syndrome called “Chronic Wasting Disease” in captive deer in Colorado, USA in the late 60s. In 1978, the disease was identified as an TSE (transmissible spongiforme encephalopathy). CWD is until know only been diagnosed in cervids in North America and has never been found in cervids in Europe.