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Rearing broiler chickens without in-feed anticoccidials

Project number: 244635

The Norwegian poultry industry has declared the abolishment of in-feed anticoccidials in conventional broiler rearing as its objective, and needs a firm knowledge base in order to decide in which way an abolishment best can be implemented.

This project aims to provide the knowledge asked for through the following approaches:

  1. Testing of alternative products to anticoccidials
  2. Prebiotic stimulation of beneficial butyrate-producing intestinal bacteria
  3. Dietary manipulations aimed at reducing the risk of intestinal proliferation of detrimental bacteria
  4. Evaluating the role of practically relevant in-feed levels of the mycotoxindeoxynivalenol (DON) as a predisposing factor for gastrointestinal health problems.

The work with these major research questions is based on broiler experiments. Intestinal counts of Clostridium perfringens will be used as an important outcome variable in the experiments, because this bacterium is an indicator of gastrointestinal health problems and impaired production efficiency.

Tested alternative products will be ranked using a score based on indicators of gastrointestinal health, animal welfare and production performance.

A PhD student will work mainly with problems 2-4 listed above.

Based on the results of the field testing and the PhD work, the project will provide advice on future use of anticoccidials in the rearing of conventional broiler chickens.


Project leader
Magne Kaldhusdal 

80 % financed by The Norwegian Agricultural Authority.
20 % financed mailnly by the partners of the project.  

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute (Magne Kaldhusdal and Gunnar Sundstøl Eriksen)
The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) (Birger Svihus)
Ghent University (Filip Van Immerseel).
Industry partners:
Norwegian Meat and Poultry Research Center
 Nortura (meat and egg distributor)
Felleskjøpet fôrutvikling (feed development company)
Norgesfôr (feed company)
Fiskå mølle (feed company) 

Duration: 01.01.2015 - 31.12.2018


David Bruce


Hamnes Inger Sofie

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