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Efficient production of mould-free pinnekjøtt and cured meat products


The main goal of the project is to reduce the presence of undesired moulds on pinnekjøtt and cured meat products produced in Norway.

Today, a total of 2,000 tons per year of pinnekjøtt are produced in Norway with a total production value of more than 400 MIO NOK. In 2013, Nortura had to withdraw more than 230 tons from the marked due to mould contamination.

In this project we aim to investigate the entire production process, from raw materials and ingredients and the physical production environment to the final product to determine the associated mycoflora and its sources. Lab scale experiments will help us determine whether the present moulds may cause health issues in addition to food quality challenges. Furthermore we will examine various production-related factors, including raw material transport, drying or packaging to find conditions that minimize the risk for mould contamination and growth.

Another aim is to develop novel, efficient detection methods for problem moulds. Today, the presence of moulds is determined using traditional mycological methods that are both labour intensive and costly. It is hence important to develop new technologies that allow the producers to obtain continuous data of the mycological status at their site.

In addition to lab scale experiments at the Veterinary Institute and Nofima, the Pathogen Pilot Plant at Nofima will be used to carry out larger scale contamination experiments. Towards the end of the project, suitable correction measures will be tested in industrial production.

The project is owned by Nortura and financed by Nortura, the Norwegian Research Consil and the Veterinary Institute.

Per Berg (Nortura, project owner)
Dr. Cathrine Finne Kure (Nofima)
Prof. Jens Christian Frisvad (Technical University of Denmark)
Sintef Energy

Duration: 01.09.2015 - 31.08.2018



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