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Doctor's Degrees

Recent PhDs by empoyees or Phd students from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute. 

Tracing pathways for ISA 25.09.2012 14:32

Transmission of infection from neighbouring fish farms is the main way that the viral disease Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) spreads during epidemics.

New findings on the diagnosis of paratuberculosis in goats 25.09.2012 14:35

Measuring immune responses with the help of a so-called interferon gamma test can help to diagnose paratuberculosis in goats. However, infection in goats was discovered later than expected when this test was used and a positive test result can be inhibited by other immune responses in the animals, reveals a PhD project carried out at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute.

“Healthy” farmed cod can undergo extensive pathological changes 25.09.2012 14:42

Doctoral research carried out by Mona Gjessing shows that pathological changes in cod differ from those found in diseased salmon, and cod that appear clinically healthy can nevertheless be affected by extensive changes due to disease. The results of this research will improve diagnostic accuracy and indirectly help to prevent disease in farmed cod.