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Fish Welfare in Aquaculture

Mejdell C, Lund V, Håstein T. Fish Welfare in Aquaculture. Journal of Commonwealth Veterinary Association 2007; 23(2): 21-6 

The welfare of farmed fish is a growing concern  among the public.  The aquaculture industry is facing several challenges related to animal welfare such as poor rearing environment, high frequency of deformities among fish and high mortality rates. This paper gives a brief overview of legislation and  standards regulating fish welfare.  The concept of animal welfare and its applicability  to  farmed fish is discussed. Welfare challenges in aquaculture are discussed in the light of the “5 freedoms”.  Finally some welfare indicators  that may be used for on - farm monitoring of fish welfare  are discussed.  Although there is a severe lack of knowledge about fish needs and preferences, enough is known to improve fish welfare in at least some areas. Action should be taken to do this. 

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Mejdell Cecilie Marie

Forsker, fagansvarlig dyrevelferd