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Mycology related activities have been carried out by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) since its establishment in 1891. These activities includes mycology related to feed and food safety (including drinking water), and terrestrial and aquatic animal health.

The mycologists at the NVI have broad expertise in terms of analysis for the determination of molds and yeasts in feed and foodstuffs. Identification of fungi to genus and species level is often a prerequisite to assess the results of the analysis.


We perform mycological analysis of animal feed both in cases where the feed is a suspected cause of disease problems and for general hygenic control of feed.

The NVI mycologists work in close collaboration with the NVI chemists and toxicologists in cases of suspected poisoning of animals or people caused by fungi, and generally when mycotoxin analyses are required either for analytical routine purposes or reseach.

The NVI mycologists have expertise on pathogenic fungi and oomycetes, and possess in particular a broad research interest in oomycetes that are pathogenic to aquatic animals.

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